Registration and login

Applicants must have Registered on the clearance website and Logged into the clearance portal to begin the Application.
(1) Click on the word/item APPLICATION on the left-hand menu.
(2) Click on CREATE NEW APPLICATION and start a new Application

Departure and Arrival Information

(1). Select and click on your specified trip type and it shows the amount to be paid per individual.
(2) Select your departure and arrival date.
(3) Application is initiated. Note: An Applicant cannot submit more than one application at a time

Payment Validity & Document Upload

(1) Endeavor to fill and update your trip information.
(2) Select and make payment
(3) Once payment is successful you must upload and attach relevant documents for the trip listed on the page

Travelers Information

(1) Endeavor to input each traveller’s complete information as instructed to avoid rejection. Please Note : Review & Approval of clearance application is Within two weeks.